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Why Consider a Pet Wellness Plan?

At Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital the Pet Wellness Plans we offer include a range of targeted preventive care services for pets of all ages. From puppies and kittens to senior pets our Wellness Plans are designed to help you provide your pet with the very best healthcare services whatever their age.

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Affordable Care for Your Pet

"Bundling" a year's worth of preventive healthcare services and products means we can offer you a reduced price.

Easier to Manage Your Budget

Know what your exact monthly costs are for the preventive care we recommend with our plans.

Get Continuous Vet Care

Our team gets to know your pet and that helps us to monitor their health and provide the care they need.

Choose a Pet Wellness Plan in Statesboro

We offer Pet Wellness Packages for puppies and kittens as well as packages specifically designed for cats and dogs between the ages of 1 - 6 years and senior pets 7 years of age and older. For more details, click the plan that matches your pet.

Choose a Pet Wellness Package



Wellness Package

$260 Down Plus $5900Per Month

Save $614/Year

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Puppies, Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital

Junior Dogs

Wellness Package

$260 Down Plus $4500Per Month

Save $341/Year

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Junior Dogs, Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital

Senior Dogs

Wellness Package

$260 Down Plus $6000Per Month

Save $527/Year

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Senior Dogs, Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital


Wellness Package

$260 Down Plus $3900Per Month

Save $421/Year

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Kittens, Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital

Junior Cats

Wellness Package

$260 Down Plus $2900Per Month

Save $253/Year

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Junior Cats, Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital

Senior Cats

Wellness Package

$260 Down Plus $3900Per Month

Save $473/Year

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Senior Cats, Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital
The Importance of Preventive Care, Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital

How Does a Pet Wellness Package Work?

Our clients always want to put their pets' health above financial concerns. But as important as regular preventive care can be for your pet's health, it can still sometimes be difficult to manage these recurring expenses.

Our Wellness Plans 'bundles' all the preventive services that keep your pet healthy throughout the year into an easy monthly payment plan, helping you save money and manage your budget.

What is included in a Pet Wellness Package?

Our Pet Wellness Plans for cats and dogs in Statesboro include the essentials for your pet to thrive.

Our Plans include annual and 6-month wellness exams, core vaccinations, bloodwork, and heartworm testing. They will also include a fecal exam and a 12-month supply of heartworm prevention medications.

The Importance of Preventive Care

Wellness exams are a complete health check for your pet. They allow us to find and treat any emerging health issues and check on your pet’s diet to ensure they’re getting enough daily nutrients.

Sometimes pets can appear healthy, but the early signs of disease can lurk in their bodies - sometimes with no obvious symptoms. That’s why we run bloodwork to ensure they’re in tip-top shape.

Parasites can be deadly for an animal of any size if left untreated. Prevention provides the best protection, which is why we provide a 12-month supply of heartworm prevention medication with every Wellness Plan.

If your pet does become infected, our fecal exams and heartworm tests are designed to catch these life-threatening conditions, which are often undetectable until your pet gets seriously ill.

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Questions & Answers

Below are a few of the common questions clients ask about our Pet Wellness Packages.

  • How do I pay for my pet's Wellness Package?

    When you bring your pet in for their first annual visit your vet will speak to you about whether signing up for a Pet Wellness Package could be right for your four-legged friend, and your wallet.

    If you decide to sign your pet up for a 12 month package you will pay an initial deposit of $209 at the first appointment, then you will pay 12 equal monthly payments. These payments vary depending on whether your pet is a cat or dog, as well as the age of your pet.

    The initial deposit is NOT a service fee or membership fee, it goes directly towards the cost of your pet's annual care (based on the package you choose).


    The puppy plan is valued at $869 after discounts have been applied. We split that cost into the down payment that is due at signing ($209) + 12 monthly payments of $55. 

  • Do Wellness Packages renew automatically after a year?

    No, our Wellness Packages are designed to meet your pet's needs at every stage of life but may not be necessary every year. This is why at Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital we never auto-renew our client's Pet Wellness Packages.

    When you bring your pet in to see our veterinarians one of our team will be sure to let you know whether renewing your pet's Wellness Package is a good choice for you.

  • How much will I save if I sign my pet up for a Wellness Package?

    At Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital our Wellness Package are designed to offer your pet the very best in preventive health care for a full 12 month period. 

    Details of what each package includes can be found on the various Wellness Package pages

    Saving differ between packages but range between $231 - $541 per year.

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  • How does a Pet Wellness Package help me manage my finances?

    Even if your pet is healthy, preventive and routine care can add up quickly.

    Our Pet Wellness Packages offer you an easy-to-manage monthly payment option, so that you know exactly what your core pet care will cost each month. No surprises.

    By spreading out the payments, our Pet Wellness Packages help avoid the problem of bigger bills each time you bring your pet into the vet.

  • My pet is getting older. Does it make sense to buy a Wellness Package?

    Absolutely. As our pets age, they often begin experiencing many of the same age-related issues that people face including joint pain, heart disease and more. 

    Our Wellness Packages for senior pets include additional services beyond what is included in our junior adult packages. These additional services for senior dogs and cats include ECG cardiac testing to help spot signs of heart problems and full body X-rays. Spotting age related conditions early helps us to keep your pet more comfortable and mobile throughout their golden years.

  • My pet is young and healthy. Does it make sense to buy a Wellness Package?

    Yes! Our Wellness Packages are designed specifically to address the preventive care needs of pets at every stage of life.

    Regular preventive veterinary care for young animals can help build a foundation for good life-long health. Our Puppy and Kitten Wellness Packages include all the essential services your joyous bundle of fur will need during their first year of life including vaccinations, spay or neuter procedures and intestinal parasite screenings.

  • Should I invest in a Pet Wellness Package every year?

    While our packages are designed to make your pet's annual preventive healthcare more affordable, you may not benefit from signing up for a package every year. 

    Each year one of our veterinary professionals will let you know whether signing up for a Pet Wellness Package for the upcoming 12 month period might be right for you.
    Why Consider A Wellness Plan

  • What is the difference between a Pet Wellness Packages and pet insurance?

    While both Wellness Packages and pet insurance help you manage the costs of your pet's veterinary care, the types of veterinary services they cover are different.

    Wellness Packages include preventive care costs (things like vaccinations and routine exams), while Pet Insurance is designed to cover emergency services, accidents, or specific illnesses.

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  • What types of Pet Wellness Packages do you offer?

    Like people, our beloved companion animals need different levels of preventive care at different points throughout their lifetime. This is why we offer Pet Wellness Packages for dogs and cats at each stage of life from puppy and kitten packages to packages designed to meet the needs of senior pets. 

    Find The Best Package for Your Pet

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