Special Care for Senior Pets

With the advances in modern veterinary care, today’s pets are living longer than ever before. However, your pet’s longer lifespan can also mean an increase in the types of health concerns your pet may encounter as he or she ages.

Because of this, as your pet grows older, their health—and health care—begins to change. At Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital, we can help you and your pet adjust to those changes and are prepared to meet the individual needs of your aging pet.

Generally speaking, senior status is achieved at age 7 in most pets. But the signs of aging can come sooner in some pets and later in others, making the individualized care of Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital a must for senior pets.

If you are noticing the following signs of aging in your companion animal, it may mean that his or her age is setting in and it’s time to visit with your veterinarian to discuss these changes and the care your pet needs:

  • Decreased mobility
  • A noticeable change in hearing or vision
  • Irritability, especially over being touched in certain areas
  • Lack of interest in favorite activities or toys
  • Changes in appetite and water consumption
  • Changes in your pet’s sleep patterns

These signs may simply be indications that your pet is starting to age, but they could also be symptomatic of a larger health issue setting in. If you are noticing these symptoms in an aging pet, please come in as soon as possible. Many age-related diseases can be managed successfully, if detected soon enough, meaning your pet can still live a full life for years to come.

Please contact us for an appointment or to discuss any questions you may have regarding your pet’s senior care.