The Medicine of Motion: Orthopedic Surgery

At Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital, our team of veterinarians and staff are committed to providing your pet with the best orthopedic care available in Central and Southern Georgia.

As you may know, orthopedics involves any condition having to do with the bones, joint, and ligaments within the body. Many orthopedic conditions can cause debilitating pain and eventually lead to meniscal tears, as well as more severe conditions such as osteoarthritis. However, this need not be the case for your beloved pet.

We are fully equipped to offer a full range of orthopedic surgery options, including procedures such as:

  • Bone plating
  • Cranial cruciate ligament repair
  • Luxating patella (knee cap) repair
  • External fixature fracture repair
  • Fracture repair through pins and wiring
  • Hip and shoulder surgery related to developmental cartilage damage

It’s OK if you’re unsure about what those terms mean. Our veterinarians do, and they will be happy to explain them to you in detail if the need arises.

However, if those conditions sound familiar to you and your pet, then you understand how important it is to seek quality treatment and rehabilitation for your pet’s condition.

Orthopedic Plating

We are excited to offer your pet the advanced option of veterinary orthopedic plating. This modern technique is similar to the plating found in human medicine and gives your pet’s bones a better chance to fully heal.

Not only does orthopedic plating offer increased resistance to infection and faster, more consistent healing, but also it allows for a “permanent fix,” meaning your pet won’t have to undergo a second procedure to remove the pins and wires often used in orthopedic procedures.

Before, During and After Your Pet’s Surgery

Regardless if your pet’s orthopedic surgery has been planned or is a result of an emergency, our staff will be certain to discuss the details of your pet’s procedure with you in advance so you know what to expect.

Prior to surgery, we will run a pre-operative blood screening to ensure that your pet is well enough for surgery and anesthesia and will monitor his or her well-being throughout the operation.

Once the operation is complete, we will discuss post-operative care with you and provide the necessary medications needed to ward off infection and for pain management.

If you have any questions about the procedures we perform, if you would like to discuss any questions you might have about an upcoming surgery, or if you are having any post-op concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.