What Our Clients Are Saying

I have used Dr. Morgan since 1985. I receive wonderful care for my pets day or night. Very caring doctors and staff and reasonable charges for services.

– Carol Cook

I had my dog Jack in the office for his normal wellness exam when Dr. Nessmith discovered an abnormal mass. He sat down and explained everything to me and laid out the steps that needed to be taken. Jack underwent surgery to remove the mass and I am happy to say that four years later he is happy and healthy.

– Barbara Thomas

My cat Winston was always by my side, through thick and thin. But after 18 years together my Winston started to have problems with his health. The doctors did everything to keep him comfortable during this difficult time, and when I finally made the decision to let him go they helped me come to peace with my decision. The whole staff was so compassionate and understanding.

– Elizabeth Winters

My dogs and I love the staff and doctors at Statesboro Bulloch Regional Veterinary Hospital. They give the best care for my dogs, whether it be routine check-ups, surgery, or emergency visits, and I can count on them at any time.

– Lynn Fairburn

My cats, Puddles and Tigger, receive excellent care at SBR Vet. They may not enjoy getting in their carriers and going to see the doctor when they feel bad, but I know they appreciate it when they receive the care they need and get back to their normal mischievous selves.

– Rachel Johnson